Better Late Than Never


I just needed a little more time, to find the right colours and shapes to make this a gift that he soon will not forget! 

Last week, I found a treasure-trove of scrap metal, scrap paper, candy wrappers,  and food scraps better off left to provide nourishment for the compost heap, but today, I think I’ll go back behind those bleachers to gather those scraps which have gone the route of discard.  “Nobody else seems to want them, so they’re free for the taking”, that’s my motto, so I took ’em. 


With the newfound tools of my trade, making Scrapbooks and cards, I rushed home, spread them out on the floor and began to create.  The thing about being creative, is that nothing is wrong.  I’ve also found that the placement of such items leads the eye to discovery of other gems to please the eye.  I was feeling good about placing the Wrigley’s Double-Mint Gum sleeve, atop the toothpick.  To me, that says, “Yahoo for having hit two home runs for your Little League team last week!”   I was also feeling a little giddy after putting the pudding over the mouth of the comic strip character, Linus, who resembles my nephew when he ate.  A little spray of laquer to seal it and I was almost done.  I only needed a few more scraps of fabric to strengthen the cardboard after it was folded, a little more paint to liven it with colour, and I’m off to the mailbox.


I don’t think Charlie will mind that his birthday was last week and my well wishes are late, once he see’s the fifty dollar bill tucked away in the pocket I sewed to the inside of his homemade card.  “One man’s loss, is another man’s gain, or little ten year old boy“, another motto I say!


-dld January 22, 2011-__________________________________

ThinkingTen Prompts from this past week:

  I just needed a little more time., Behind the bleachers,

gain, gift, gone, candy, a mailbox, Canvas image.


4 responses to “Better Late Than Never

  1. The creativity of this one is just fun…love the story within this one and my favorite line in it is ” The thing about being creative, is that nothing is wrong.”…that I love!

  2. aw come on… you liked this because I used your nam! ;-))

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  4. What a great way to use what others may consider unusable! Love it!

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