Unattended Wine Glass

on the edge of sanity or is it something more cruel,
he placed this goblet
full with nectar from the gods
as he feared it’s seething ways
of leaving him in want of more

unattended and still teetering
he can’t help but keep his eyes gazed to it
“Is it still standing?
Has anyone dared to drink it’s sweet enticing aroma?
Am I to undo my doings and pounce,
like a cat on a mouse in motion?”, he stood with eyes
and defied answering himself
until he saw a hand
reaching for it’s stem
this is when he knew
that he’ll never know the full circumstance of drinking it,
and all that may engulf his thoughts
so he waited
and watched
for her lips to grasp the glass rim
to see if she was willing
to submit to merlot’s wishes

then she walked toward him
nudged his shirtsleeve as she walked by
and whispered a sideways question to him,
“are you ready for the surprise?”

his knees weakened
his broad shoulders slumped
“MY GOSH”, I muttered,
“he’s lost to her and it’s promises,
pleasure’s been fooled by this thief”

oh how I hate watching
how others find such relief to their loneliness
all it takes is an invitation
purely a ruse for something better,
for tomorrow she’ll be home
as he’s still awaiting
another contender
to sip the devils nectar

~dld January 21, 2011~
The Muse Is In, prompt artists pictures,  #106
Image copyright by Nancy Farmer


10 responses to “Unattended Wine Glass

  1. thanks SGM… as are you!

  2. This is very entertaining.

  3. N. U., thank you, as i take it as complimentary, rather than sarcastic-like! 😉
    i checked out your bllog and quite impressed with the display… it does what it’s supposed to… draws you in! also liked what i read, you’ll be seeing me around! Thanks for the read, Denise

  4. Jeanette, thank you, i knew you would like!
    March it is, then!!! ;-))

  5. Now as I read this aloud…I smiled and chuckled as I reached the end…”another contender to sip the devils nectar”…ha…I live in a valley that produces wine. 🙂

  6. So then, Charles, You Are The Grand Master of Such Trickery!!! *well, you opened the door!) 😉

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