Treasure Box

as I have been submitting and releasing
my perspective through words
to those who may do something
to correct my ardent yearnings for display
my coming outness
is to be found in the mailbox
as either a rejection which says,
“not at this time, but please do try again”
or an admission with the date of when the world will see,
“have we done you justice, have we spelled your name correctly?”
this is all I ask for
from my box to behold
not an empty gathering of dust on my soul
for I know that day will come
and connections made will bring pleasure
to the time I’ve spent hacking away
just to put thought to paper,
this is how I measure
my value as a poet
trying to be a writer
who gets fan mail,
this is what I’d treasure


-dld January 21st, 2011-
ThinkingTen – Member’s Pick, Friday: A mailbox


4 responses to “Treasure Box

  1. I totally understand that something said is better than nothing said at all but it’s the emptiness that makes us fill up the box and paper with treasures from the soul. Nobody said it would be easy being an artist…God knows I’ve resisted it and the rejection and blank stares leave me so cold inside I think I will freeze to death! But the cold hard fact that I’ve learned is that nobody can measure our self worth but ourselves. If I die unknown it won’t mean that I didn’t exist or was not a star!

  2. I honestly feel the same way, just needed to put someone on virtual paper, so I could say that I wrote with the prompt in mind! The only one who knows the full value of what I do, is me! So far, I’ve impressed myself lots of times and when I’ve impressed someone else, it’s just icing on the cake!!! Thanks for the read and the comment, Sandra! ;-))

  3. have the mailbox full of fan mail….I would of course have to make sure I had opened the right box if that ever happened. 🙂 But be assured your work is adored by some of us.

  4. you blush me, charles! Thanks for your kind words, but I’m really not stressing over this, all I care about is whether someone, anyone, can take something away from what I say!

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