in the thick of it

in the thick of it,
reminds me of something holding my feet
as if in mud
shoes stuck or at least heavy with muck
but today i feel coddled and comforted
in love, and my clarity holds no restraints
in the thick of this high,
no side-track folly
can move me out
  how i feel
    in this moment
      with you by my side,
grazing on each other’s passion
just to be
things have begun to fall
into place
to place my life’s purposes
knocking into you
a nudge, really
a memory that i touched you
and you can continue on
if you wish
but i warn you, something will tap your shoulder
one day
and you will know moments like this
happen again when you’re not looking,
like it happened for me,
in the thick of it.
-dld january 17, 2011-


One response to “in the thick of it

  1. Love the first stanza of this poem…it sets a tone for the piece.

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