A Frog In My Throat

Wonders never cease to happen or to amaze me! What started out as an ordinary day. get the kids up, fed, dressed and off to catch the school bus, became more not so business-as-usual.


When the kids had boarded the bus, I got into my car to drop off Henry’s shirts and suits at the dry cleaners. As I went through the pockets before handing them to Miss Tonya, I found a piece of paper, clipped to a check, so I stuffed it in the side-pocket of my jacket. From there, I was off to do some light food shopping, you know, milk, eggs, ground turkey and bought a few scratch-off lottery tickets. Then, I hit the Library to return a couple of Dr. Seuss books for learning numbers and the Robin Williams movie, What Dreams May Come.


Once home, I unloaded the groceries and started the prep work for tonights dinner. While waiting for the timer to buzz, I removed that grey stuff from the lottery tickets to see if I had a match of any type. The first two tickets didn’t have one match, but the third, was the charmer! I uncovered three $10,000 tags, which entitled me to spin the wheel next week, down in Trenton. The least amount that I could win is $5,000, so I called my husband to tell him to take next Tuesday off that we were going on a road trip!


After hanging-up with him, the phone immediately rang, it scared me, so when I answered I said, “What?” rather abruptly, thinking it was Henry, but it wasn’t him. It was the librarian, who told me that she found a slip of paper sticking out of the movie’s slipcover. Apparently, Henry put another check in there. So I told her that I’d be over there in a half an hour to get it and thanked her for finding it. Wouldn’t you know, no sooner had I gotten off the phone, the timer rang, so I took the flour that rose and put it in the fridge, cleaned up the mess I had made and it was off to the library, again.


On my way, I started thinking that today’s been odd but a very lucky day so far, and wondered what other surprises were in store. Apparently, I wasn’t thinking BIG enough, for when the librarian handed me that piece of paper, I unfolded it and saw that it was a check, made out to Henry and Dawnette Smith and it was for $17, 352! “Oh My Gosh!”, I couln’t help but say that out loud. Then I quickly thanked the woman and hurried out the door to my car, but as I approached it, I noticed the rear driver’s side tire was low… it looked flat to me. So, being the wonder woman that I’d been so far that day, I opened the trunk of the car to get out the spare, the jack and crowbar to change it.


Meanwhile, I had the check for $17, 352 still in my hand when a gust of wind blew it to the ground, one parking space over. Anxious to grab it before it flew further away, I dropped the crowbar on my foot as I was trying to reach for the, now blowing away, check, saying, “Arrrg!, that’s smart”, my foot was already throbbing! But, I did manage to get the check and managed to change the flat, but more than before, my foot was in agonizing pain. So I drove myself to the Emergency Clinic to get it looked at, where of course, the X-Ray showed that my big toe had a break. After another twenty minutes, a soft cast was put on, I was given a prescription for an antibiotic and it was back home, where I could put it up.


As I cuddled my cup of tea, I remembered that I had the check from Henry’s suit pocket in my jacket, so I hobbled over to it and pulled it out to see what it was. “Holy Moly, another check for $17, 352!”, I said puzzled, so I looked at who made out the check, who is giving us all this money, and that was more puzzling, because I had no idea who Theodore S. Geisel was, but I figured that I’d better put them in the bank before another accident happens.

That night, while having our turkey burgers, I asked Henry who Theodore is, while at the same time, wouldn’t you know, the television anchor said that it was a sad day in Whoville, Theodore Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, died. “Oh no!”, Henry blurted, “I just saw him not more than two weeks ago.” “You did?”, I asked, but before I could ask Henry how he knew him, he said, “I just helped him make out his will, he had cancer. His estate went mostly to those in his family, but he must have felt a bit nostagic and decided to give us some money for the children’s college funds.”

“Well that’s so sweet of him, he didn’t even know Ashley and Craig. It’s a good thing I put those checks in the bank and didn’t spend it!”, I replied. “Yeah, it sure would have come in handy for the housekeeper I was going to hire, so you could go back to teaching.” I agreed, saying, “Well, sometimes you Can look a gift horse in the mouth and say thank you.”, and with that said, Henry noticed that I was wearing a cast on my foot and laughed, saying that it was my dumb luck to find money, but not to be able to go anywhere. We both laughed.



-dld January 14, 2011


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One response to “A Frog In My Throat

  1. An enjoyable story to read over morning coffee.

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