Check Point

pressing the iron to smooth the valleys and crags
in the shirt worn at The Point
when you crossed over from East to West
balancing the bubble* with the spear
language is common
eye colour, hair
so why shouldn’t they entwine again,
what is the fear?
although that happened more than sixty years ago,
why is Hitler still mentioned,
haven’t we all gotten past it? no,
we remember that war
when people were innihilated, bannished
and bled.
was this done with god’s blessing, to learn something
profound from?
no, i’m afraid that god was held captive too, his powers demoted –
that’s what happens when someone trusts someone bad.
people do follow like sheep, because of promises planned
and like crumbs crumble more
they eventually carry with wind
eyes clear, sights get in check
we’ve balanced before
without bubble*, but not without spear.
-dld january 13rh, ’11-
*bubble equals fantasy rhetoric


2 responses to “Check Point

  1. What is interesting is that people have forgotten the magnitude of those events…some have even elected to question the events.

  2. Oh, I’ve run into a few of ‘them’ and according to them, world war II is questionable, but what Hitler did is just a figment of imaginations gone wild! Sad, really.

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