A Humble Job

She trained very hard. The picture books didn’t matter much, as she found that actually doing it was what drummed the how to’s and what for’s in her head. Though it was not the glamourous job she envisioned, it was necessary work to someone, and she liked feeling needed and worthy. So what if she was never told face to face on the differences she made, she did not hear that her work was substandard and poorly done, and that was good enough for her.


I am talking about a working-girl. She liked the coziness of a single bed, but you don’t know the care she placed on herself, to make sure that even a single bed can be inviting to slip into after a tough day of hearing speaker’s speak or pitch-men talking in circles.about their wares and how good they perform.

No, I’m simply telling you that she was a soft-spoken woman of little words, who tended to the task at hand, and always had a smile for the businessmen and tourists. She often sang songs in her native language, reminiscing really, but she was happy to be free in this land of opportunity. She may likely be scrubbing floors or dishing out slop on a plate, but she has her pride and settled for a job as a humble housekeeper in a hotel. Learning English will come in time, but for the time being, she leaves a mint on the pillowcase and says, “Magandang araw” * when they check out.

 -dld january 12, 2011

* Have a nice day, in Filipino
ThinkingTen – Words, Inc., Wednesday: single, soft, slip


2 responses to “A Humble Job

  1. A very nice story…so many people behind the scenes that make thinggs work.

  2. indeed – Everyone has a story to tell!

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