I Oughta Shelve Them

all of these Presses
and Literary Jounals
everyone wants to have their say
their fifteen minutes
a publishing contract

i think i may begin to collect them.

not as icons on a page, but begin amassing them
on a shelf with chapbooks and Quarterly’s

i like this idea.

a little Fullofcrow hanging in the Tarpaulin Sky
a little Writers’ Dojo may be helpful to Writer’s Block
and how colourful my display with Raw Poetry,
as Dripping Silence awaits approval of leaning on Open Mic, Cool Beans Voice!

Yes! it has been decided!

i’d like to plant them on the shelves in my room,
but for Manac D Press
who may make all of them leave
and the whole gang will start an Urban Griot
and knock everything into one another!

That could cause Nouns to morph into Verbs and,
maybe I’ll end up liking the conjuctive mess
enough to end with a preposition by pressing LIKE again!

-dld january 1oth, ’11-


4 responses to “I Oughta Shelve Them

  1. LOL I love when nouns morph into verbs but watch out bed bugs and dust mites. My neighbor loved to read and write so much, he not only had a collection of books, journals and quartely’s for his daily inspiration… he sucked the life out of them with those nasty little vectors. Ewwwww what a mess!!!!

  2. oh! didn’t I mention that they were all hermetically sealed???
    I used to have a conglomerate of such literary delights, and I learned a trick (from my days selling antiuqes/collectibles)… put it in the microwave for ten seconds, it kills any eggs that may be lurking within the pages, binding glue, whatever!
    So far, I’ve only a handful of such things now, and they’re all new… but if and when i get the chance for more, I’m gong to nuke ’em!!! ;-))

  3. A Writer’s Dojo…I rather like that idea…but to really get past writer’s block don’t you think you should have included a sweat lodge? Another enjoyable post.

  4. The examples I cite here, are real. They’re taken from my Facebook page (those in which I get updates on)… I should probably underline them, eh?
    But I like your idea of a sweat lodge… I don’t think anyone has a name eluding to that, but I will look and change this accordingly! Thanks! DLD

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