Sorry Arthur! *

Death paid me a visit today.

“it’s okay Sally, keep going, tell me.”,

said Mrs Mugilicuttie, Sally’s mom.


At nine

the clock rang the rhymes and made up sounds,

which could only mean one thing,

Sally paused to clear her throat,,

A man would walk beneath the facade

of a mismatched building to the one on the box

you know – the one for Wacky Super Heroes Cereal, Sally shrugged,

and because he was careless

making the wrong choice at the crossroad,

he wound up

hanging from the very window

he sought to find where he went wrong from.

He should have remembered that it was a right

at the sand dune warning sign

along the beach entrance, at 53rd,


Couldn’t he remember that it was bikini’s he was trying to sell?

and he should have known that the rope hanging on the sign

may come in handy to rescue someone if they’re drowning!


-dld january 9, ’11-


“T10 Capstone Challenge:

On Location, Mondays
Along the beach
Take it Away, Tuesdays
Death paid me a visit today.
Words, Inc., Wednesdays
(1) match, (2) main, and (3) miss
Plot Thickens, Thursdays
Member’s Pick, Fridays
A wrong choice

 * Arthur (Miller), author of

    Death of A Salesman


2 responses to “Sorry Arthur! *

  1. Hmmm… Intriguing.
    I like the opening line. It’s startling.

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