~It Will Take Until April To Read This~


eye weight four this winter sea sun
two show bear nekked trees
in miss teary us gloree
in fraughst’s eye see prizms 
and toughts of whyte glissen
too terning green,
thenne spring whill bee neer
and eye ken find ree sun
knot two ware sleaves!
-dld january 9th, ’11-
for The MUSE is IN Writing Group (prompt):
 I wait for…
My post for WordPress’ postaday2011:
How do you stay entertained when you are snowed in?


7 responses to “~It Will Take Until April To Read This~

  1. Denise – the SHORT answer, because I am about to go and get tea dished up (and wine poured) can be found here: http://sandra-linesofcommunication.blogspot.com/2011/01/write-1-sub-1-week-1.html

  2. Denise, I like it!

    What am I doing on this snowy Sunday? Sharon and I did not go to Mass for fear we’d slip and fall, so we stayed in today. I am catching up on some writing and Sharon, some reading. We’re having the same kind of winter as last year: snow most of the time!

    Sal Buttaci

  3. The snow and wind have been relentless for several days. I love being cocooned at home and we have all the food and water we need so there is no need to go out until tomorrow. We have a 4-wheel truck so we are fine. And a tractor to dig out the drifts, which my husband just did. It is a north wind and it has swirled around the house to settle in the front garden where the perennial plants lie sleeping, without any cares except for the odd mouse or mole, looking for comfort food. I’m finally just clearing off my desk – I have been working at this for months – so that I can gather my photos and stories into an book of memoirs. My mother saved all the letters I wrote home during my roaming, tumbling tumbleweed cowgirl days. I have the photos to match up with the stories, plus my diaries. It’s going to be fun and a snowy, home-bound day is the perfect moment to get on with it.

  4. I love this page set up. I have a lot to learn before I can do this.

  5. go slow, set up “draft pages”, even if you forget to classify them as so, you can delete your boo-boo’s! it actually took me a few weeks before I had some sense of how things work in here, but you can always e-mail me at T10 or 6S and I’ll try to help. The discouraged can only get better , then you’ll find that all that worry, frustration and self-loathing will LIFT to show your SMILE! I’m here is you need me! ;-))

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