From the inside, he looks out to see if they’re still out there in the walled street,still across from his way of business as usual. He feels trapped in his thoughts of why and how the markets have entangled so.

He feels alone.

 He craves comradery. .

Photobucket He was, more than ever,

seeking another pagan soul with puritanical ideals of approach.

He was the sole survivor with favor for such esteemed ethical standards.

“Surely, I am not…”  but he ends this statement with a higher pitch in his voice, a more elongated, wavering drone, just enough to realize he is questioning his own platatudes,

“… alone?”



-dld january 7, 2011-


for ThinkingTem. Canvas Challenge


4 responses to “Teetering

  1. hey, nice writing. I enjoy the blog alot! Nicely designed too.

  2. Oh my…for all the times I’ve been here…I’ve never noticed the images at the bottom of the page…another interesting find on your blog. 😉

    • it helps when you scroll as far as you can… no worries, charles, i often forget to tour webpages, too! i change those somewhat often, so take a peek once-in-a-while for new challenges i pose or some tips that may unstuck you! ;-))

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