You’ll Never Hear Me Say I’m Glad To Be Just Like You

Headlines that scream, make me sick! Today, the topic du jour is for you to question whether you are the Average Joe or not.


What a ludicrous question, I thought, and found the statistical information given to be of grave concern, not because I am not in ‘the loop’, because if I am not, there is no ‘quick and easy fix’ for you to follow to assure attendance in those numbers; and then there is the ‘why would I wish to be average?’. Is being ‘in the norm’ the unlimate reward? I’d much rather take my misfortunes on the merit that is deserved of my hard work gone awry, than to be clumped into a grouping of misfits who may or may not also have, such disembodments to warrant such ridicule for being ‘different’. I find such statements to be dishonorable to the human condition. I find them to give only one part of one story that fits the stat keepers mold of what or why ‘being average’ is always the better choice, as if a choice is given.


No, I’d rather read the snipits from headlines of a variety of artcles to formulate a grasp of what the world is coming to, all on my own. Take for instance:

I can deduce that things are tough for many, if not tens of thousands, though the accuracy of my numbers may be off, the gist of what I read and come away with is more hardening than being dumped, clumped and ciriticized for not liking my tea with two sugars or for being short of height and stature, when it is more common to stand tall and wide!


No, I’d much rather buy a rope to use to hang my clothes to dry, because my clothing is small, than to hang myself for not being just like the Jones’ who have no mind to think on their own… to go along for the ride when the ride only takes them to the next successive stop at wit’s end, and that rope could be better served to hang from.



-dld january 6, 2011-


T10 – Plot Thickens, Thursday: Rope


3 responses to “You’ll Never Hear Me Say I’m Glad To Be Just Like You

  1. Ah…I love this…I’ve never thought that being ‘average’ should be a goal for anyone.

  2. knew you would relate well with this, charles! thank you, my man!

  3. Not below, but above. That’s what I know I am in many ways. Not above, but below. That’s what I know I am in many ways.

    Important to me and I believe you feel the same, is the fact that I’m never satisfied with being below. I like to think that I look up, grab the rope you mentioned, and pull my old self up and on to more trials at being above.

    Thanks for your words.

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