A Field Trip and A New Friend

Louise hadn’t had much luck at the library down the shore, but she was home now and she knew she’d find another chance to try to match the scraps of notes and other paraphernalia Uncle Theodore held onto, with an actual document. This was going to be a feat that even Louise cowered about. But she knew that there was some sort of event that happened in the year of America’s Centenniial and her uncle saved those things for some reason.

It did not take long for her to realize that, “of course, the Centennail Exposition was held in Philadelphia!”, as she hit her forehead with her left palm. Luck would have it that on this day, Louise was scheduled for having a day off from work for a doctor’s appointment. This gave her a chance to drive down to Philly and the main Library for a little research. After her check-up, she got on 95 for the 40 minute trek, cranked up the radio and was on her way. Unfortunately, she was in a full, blown-out sing-along with Bohemian Rhapsody, when she passed the exit. It wasn’t a problem that she missed it, for Louise went to college near Philly and knew enough as to make her way around, and after five minutes, she was on Vine Street where the library is.

Then a funny thing happened while at the library. She was speaking with one of the librarians, Anna, and it happened that she was a member of he Historical Society and they were having a meeting that evening. Louise was invited. After making a phone call to her husband, she accepted the invite and hung around the library scouring through the multitde of books and documents in the 1876 section, until Anna and Louise left for the 6:30 dinner meeting, with photocopies and a couple of books in tow.
.-dld January 5th, 2011-
Words, Inc., Wednesday: match, main, miss


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