How I Prefer To Communicate, aPostaDay challenge

Obviously, when one is blogging, the message is read, not heard!
But what makes the reader wish to read what is typed on the page?
I’m sure you have heard that men don’t read, they look at pictures, but a photograph or illustration can’t possibly tell the whole story!
I believe writing, when accompanied with an image, will get through to most people, that is, if they can see at all!
dldselfnarration, if you have read, is this writer’s blog/journal which is where WORDS INTERSECT IMAGES… meaning, that I provide you with both my written words and a picture of some sort. I do this when the two entities serve better when they are together, so you truly get the gist of what I am saying.
To make this point clearer,
Inspiration involves the use of all your senses, as well as an assortment of conditions which, when viewed in totality, allow the mindset to acceptance of new ideas. One only has to be free of all that other mindstuff, to be relaxed and allow the possibilities to stir you, to act upon making those thoughts become real!
I’ll bet that before you saw this image, you found it difficult to grasp this concept, right?

As a writer, a poet, I know that I do not need such tools, but it honestly doesn’t hurt!
-dld january 4, 2011-

WordPress A Post A Day Challenge:
Do you prefer to talk, text message, or a different communication method?


5 responses to “How I Prefer To Communicate, aPostaDay challenge

  1. You don’t need pictures because you paint them with your words! However in our highly technological, over processed societies some people need all the help they can get to heighten the senses, still the mind, let go and BE free and alive…Your words and heart are enough for me to look, read, listen and take notice!! LOVE U SISTER!!!!! XOXO

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  3. Do your thing and don’t worry about your audience if you follow your bliss your audience will find you…Writing, singing, talking, painting, laughing from the crotch up makes for a wholesome full bodied experience. Keep letting your good stuff flow…. your audience will read it up!! :)))

  4. You are so right and I really don’t dwell on the nunber who see this… I’m sure you’ve received WordPresses mail on this subject, I just made it into my “aPostaDay”, I’m doing this… it keeps me writing on different subjects! I’ve been flowing glowing showing all of me today, with the esception of my physical being… and this is more than OKAY with me, It’s nice to have a curtain drwn, ever so often!!! I love you too, sweet SANDRANGE !!!

  5. OOPS… SANDRANGEL !!!! Drange, you are not!!! ;-))

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