Turbulent Journey

Louise finally has a chance to just relax.  She’s been in her new house for four days and it is time that she venture outside for a nice walk along the beach .  Although it is January, she has almost forgetten that the Winter has just begun.  She feels alive as the salty air sprays her face.  Finding trinkets from the ocean’s turbulent journey, she gets lost in the moment as she pockets seashells and an odd assortment of coloured glass shaped by the sea.  She equates her journey here to that of her dear great uncle Theodore at the turn of the 20th Century..

The facts of his life are still to be uncovered, but Louise begins to think that it was a grand life he must have lived. Constant overchurning waves of the Atlantic, combined with her feelings of loss, as Winter often brings, give reason for her to go to the small village library that afternoon. 


Her first order of business, to read all about an Exposition in Philadelphia.


-dld jan. 3, 2011-


T10 –On Location, Mondays:  Along the beach


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