Something That Brings Smile To My Face

My pup, who’s not much of a pup, age wise. This is Chance, he’s 14 months old now and couldn’t be a better friend. Rescued from abandonment and found on the streets, he couldn’t have chosen a better human – ME – to guide him through life. But I must admit, that is it I, who has been guided by his mere existence. I’m hoping after a little training, he can be my service dog, as I don’t know what this MS will bring me in the future, but as for now, Chance is my helper-dude in the best way he knows… kisses & kisses and more kisses!
If that doesn’t put a smile on my face, then I’m stoopid! ;-))
If you’re wondering the type of dog he is, the best I have figured is that he is a Thai Ridgeback, but he may have some other breed in him also.
And if you thought I’d post a poem about him, then you haven’t read throught my posts in here!!!

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One response to “Something That Brings Smile To My Face

  1. He’s a slim Chance and a fine looking dog. I believe the breed doesn’t matter.
    The tongue has to be long enough to smack love against your face and the tail has to wag seriously enough to know he/she is happy to see you and only you.

    My best dawgs (I really say dogs that way) have been mixed with all the good dawgs in town.

    Good luck with Chance. May he forever be in your heart.

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