a most important accomplishment in 2010

Looking back
not too far
in these blog’s pages
I find the date in which I began dldselfnarration…
July 29, 2010 and I’m still here,
as I’ve been everyday
with the exception of two or so, here & there.
It has not been six months since it’s inception!
Although the numbers do not show it,
I am pleased with reaching as many as I have.
If you are curious, you can see for yourself, here:

For me, I feel accomplished because for so long, too long
I have been battling one of the toughest symptioms, what has become the way of life for me, or anyone else suffering with MS (Multiple Sclerosis)… Focus Fatigue.
The past twenty years have left me unable,
or with difficulty,
to stay focused on something long enough
to make sense,
come full-circle,
see to the end –
Well this isn’t the end,
only the beginning to recover my mind
in the tapping of my creative muses!

I can’t wait to show you THE REST TO COME!

And for all that I’ve accomplished thus far, a self-directed pat on the back and an:


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