Every Day Is Eventful, owning a puppy!

After a couple of days of unstopable winds and a dumping of at least 12″ of snow,
the yard looked like a soft blanket of warmth. Too bad the dog didn’t see it that way.
He did not want to go outside, no way, no how.
Troubled by this,
we thought the garage would be an okay choice for him to relieve himself,
since it was still snowing.
But my dear pup wouldn’t do it –
GO IN THE HOUSE… he saw the garage as an extention of HOUSE.

Finally, after we shoveled a lane and an nice square area in the backyard,
and the white stuff falling, stopped being a threat,
he went outside last night. Yay!

This morning, he was let out, attached to the lead wire
and he so desperately went beyond the cleared area into the thick of the snow,
obviously to sniff the hoof prints of the deer that had been in the yard yesterday, at nightfall.
He romped and dug and sniffed his way from imprint to imprint, in pure Glory!
His mouth smiled as he romped and jumped,
ocassionally barking to beckon the deer to come back, I suppose!

I knocked on the window for his attention,
but he was unimpressed and sat in his burrow just looking for his friends.
This is when I lost interest as well, so I went about my business and less than five mintues later,
a bark at the back door alerted me that he wanted IN.
Cold, frozen paws and ears didn’t slow him down,
for all he did was go from window to window looking for his deer friends, to no avail.

He sleeps now, all cozy in his dreams,
but undoubtedly he will awaken to try again,
because I told him they’d be back before nightfall,
especially since we finally took the pumpkin off the front porch from Halloween
and smashed it on the ground in the back yard,
to attract the deer, to give them something special to eat.
No worries, Chance, you’ll get to see them and will get another opportunity
to sniff and romp in their tracks,
but if you think they’re going to stick around once you are out there, barking at them…
well, enough said about how dogs and deer just can’t seem to communicate friendship!

-dld (Denise) december 29, 2010
Writing Challenge for The Muse Is IN


4 responses to “Every Day Is Eventful, owning a puppy!

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