Delicate Surgeries

My brain hurts. My cranium has atrophied, and I’m starting to believe that I was never meant to perform delicate, precise surgeries. Some tell me to give it up, that I’m only fooling myself. Others tell me that I’m on a mission and should complete my work. I don’t know who to believe anymore. All I am certain of is the feeling of being clogged, then drained of my senses, only to become numb and unwilling to move on.

It all started three months ago, when I was intent on finding a cure for curling of the pages and those pesky spots which creep in like a fox on a henhouse, leaving only the marks of having been there, yet to relentlessly propagate more hazing reminders of having been there in the first place. It seems that finding my niche with the ephemeral, has me wondering if I aided to the allergies that have entered my head and have left me in such a flat-line with my work.

It was an old book, leather bound and had been stored in the most uncaring conditions – an attic with leaks. Usually glad to get my hands between the binding’s seams, I found that I could not continue past this step. And after visiting physician to allergist to ear, nose and throat specialist and being prescribed one sinus drying-up agent after another, I was starting to rethink my vocation and began looking for a more suitable one that didn’t compromise my sensory judgement.

Deep down inside; however, I knew that my work as a curator of ephemera was important to the history of man. So many times in our histories, have fires and floods and asteroid smashes, inhilitaed the remnants of a society that once was. I couldn’t do it. I could not leave my work, for I was so pleased with myself as I immersed in saving those documents and am so proud to have saved a part of the past, that I didn’t know of another job which would bring worth and scope in being useful.

Yes, my brain hurts, but if that is what needs be, than who am I to take away such contentment. I’ll just keep popping Claritin® every twelve hours to get through.

-dld 12.28.1o


Take it Away, Tuesday: My brain hurts.

The only rule: start your story with the above sentence (write whatever comes to mind; improvise!).


5 responses to “Delicate Surgeries

  1. pressing the love button on this one…you just get how it all works. Your writing is like cracking the mystery to the souls purpose. You bring the essence of what is important into focus and play with all of the distractions and let them be just be what they are… distractions to what is essential…and together the distractions and the essentials create a history….you’re sacred work grounds me! XO

  2. I’m so glad that you feel ‘grounded’, as my writing reflects what may be important to you or to me, but mostly that I try not only to find meaning or give meaning to, but I try to understand the world twirling around and how I fit-in while on this spin cycle. Often, I find it hard to feel grounded or center my focus, but I’ll admit that those times when I do, it feels like Atlas must have felt when he rose up with all of mankind’s stuff over his head and shoulders! On Top of his game… which I’m still trying to figure out not only what the game is, but if I really want to play or just to spectate on the sidelines!

  3. Had to laugh at the last line…given that I have allergies and follow that prescription when spring comes…another most clever post.

  4. Thanks Charles… I know very well what restoring paper can do to the sinuses, but I’m not sure if Claratin ® would do much good!

  5. This is one awesome post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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