It Never Comes Gift Wrapped

It is a large order. To fulfill it would take a city’s worth of people, or brain cells, hard at work, hard at play, and hard to complete this undertaking for it to be satisfactory and to your liking. It is an all encompasing idea that proves to be difficult to wholly understand the dynamics of. Therefore to reach one particular finale, would define it as limited.

It is vast, as it has no boundaries. If it did, it would mean that it has only one outcome, a solitary prognosis. It’s magnitude cannot be measured, so whatever you are thinking it is, goes beyond all thoughts of what it could be, yet it’s significance pales to it’s appreciation, and your longing for it.

It is subjective and evolves throughout time; changing, morphing into what it is you seek, but often falling short of hitting the mark, the picture in your head, what you sense as it should be to attain in the minutest way.

It is a small package, yet contains big dreams. It is LOVE, afterall – the emotional dissension and remedy to loneliness, and the desire for attaining worthiness and purpose.

-dld december 23rd________________________

T10 The Plot Thickens, Thursday: A small package


5 responses to “It Never Comes Gift Wrapped

  1. when you stop seeking it finds you and takes its proper place in your heart. I never try to understand the hole in my soul- I stay on the edge and whirl around it. When I’m called to whirl, dig and dive I only go down to a bearable level; beyond that I get lost and trapped and it takes too much energy to get myself back on level ground…perhaps I’ve gone too far and don’t realize I never made my way back home….perhaps next year I’ll get there 🙂

  2. I never said that this is MY goal… but only a way to realize the prompt!
    I believe that seeking love, only gets you more wrapped-up in not finding it, because expectations are too high, or not high enough. I believe that seeking purpose is separate than finding love – they are mutually exlusive of one another (or are they?)

  3. Not sure that they are mutually exclusive…that it would seem to be more related to what one seeks in life…for some ‘love’ is their ‘purpose’….but this is just a random thought brought on by your fine post.

  4. I think this could be my own self talking circles around the mind which cannot comprehend the swelling longing life that forms us. I like this most of all the pieces I have read of yours.

    • get yourself a blog, you can keep it private & all to yourself… get the lead out, then fine tune those blabbing words…. it’s amazing what come out! Thanks Jenny for the smile >blush blush<

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