I wanted him to be quiet, lay still and just listen.
“OK, OK”
Little brother said, whisking me away, back to my bed.
It was Christmas Eve,
and I knew this was a special night,
for Saint Nick would be coming here,
bringing presents
for all the good children, not to those who fight!
First I was on my back, with both ears clear
to hear the jingle of bells, followed by
hooves on the roof, but all I heard
was my brother’s breath sounds, gargled,
deep, his bronchitis was acting up, it sounded severe!
I flipped over, tucked the sheet under my belly
not allowing cool air in
but before I could count sheep,
I must have fallen asleep,
because when I awoke,
I was on my side,
my little brother under my blanket,
holding my hand with his fingers crossed,
I wouldn’t lie, he wanted him here, too!
Still not quite awake yet, I looked out the window
it was still dark, still cold, still unbelievably peaceful.
Then to my surprise, I could hear a noise
only that dear Santa could make,
the sound of giftwrap rustling
and the munching of gingerbread cookies.
I should know, they are crunchy,
’cause Mom burnt them,
they were overbaked!
I tried and I tried, but couldn’t get back
to slumberland, I swear!
And I swore I’d continue my dreams, only if
I could close my eyes long enough for sleep to take over,
but my brother awoke and demanded
to know why I sat up,
“Shhh, he’ll hear you, he is here now!”, I whispered.
When all of the sudden, he leapt to his feet!
All I could do was yell loudly, “Get Back to Sleep!”
When in that moment, should appear out the window
a trail of footsteps,
a >Poof<
and Santa's echoing voice – Merry Christmas to All… –
then Mom could be heard running up the stairs sshushhing daddy all the way up,
I swear I heard Daddy say, "To All A Goodnight!"
My brother said it was Santa, it seems he may be right.
Why fight him, I thought, if he believes who am I
to uncover a plot!
Back to bed we went
without fuss, tears or fight.
In a few hours we'll have forgotten
this mix up of voices, but I think I know
but won't let on that Daddy knows magic!
-dld (Denise) 12.18.10

for the Muse is IN Writing Challenge #97 – using sounds as the insspiration.


2 responses to “Shhh!

  1. A most pleasant retell of a classic story…I think I like yours better. 😉

  2. I admit, this has an air about the old standby, Twas A Night Before Christmas, but my twist is about my brother and I and our anxiousness awaiting St. Nick. I know it isn’t as poetic, in the sense of Rhyme or should I say, Rhyme Gone Awry, but here it is and I hope the group of writers this was written for will see it for the storyline, not for the missteaks!!! >hehe<

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