Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

Holed-up in this bunker
whenever the siren sounded.
Everytime it sounded,
I rushed to my back yard
where I’d always gone when
winds blew fierce and strong.
But this tornado that spiralled
was on a different ground.
I found my shelter served me well
when the Nazi’s and Stalin marched their guns,
even though their bombs ne’er exploded here, in my town.
Hours turned into days,
when a messenger came to me
in this dream while I was waiting.
Mercury was his name,
he wore his strengths on his wings
calling out to me for my strength, my liberties
to shine in this time of despair,
he wished for me to bring comfort to family,
though barely a meal could be made
from a poor man who’s money went to the Common Aid.
Struggle knows no shame, but to place my blame
on the wearers of RED,
the blood from my son, my neighbor, my
was a difficult task to ask of me,
who only wanted a loaf of bread,
the war to be done with, and a spot
on the corner to beg,
Brother, can you spare a dime? *
It is time to move forward, it’s time
we pooled our strengths
to rebuild this Land of Freedom, to soar
in these winds of change.
It was the year 1945,
the first year I stood outside
with arms opened wide, accepting the graces
from my heaven on this Earth,
from my mates who gave their efforts
so that I may live to ring the bells
pronouncing America
as the Home of the Brave!

-dld December 17th, 2010-

* “Brother, can you spare a dime?” refers to
the Mercury dime, which was struck at the start
of World War I and was last minted after the end
of World War II. The phrase was actually uttered
during the Great Depression.
for ThinkingTen: prompt, 1945


One response to “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

  1. As I read this I kept hearing the song that has the same refrain in my head and then for some reason…perhaps because of how things are…the refrain that goes “Tin can at my feet…Guess I’ll kick it down the street…That’s the way to treat a friend.” Enjoy the random thoughts you poems engender in my mind.

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