Case Study #341, Stanford, Miglin, PhD. 1994

HJ –“Not since sliced bread came along… blah, blah, blaaaah”,Grandpa sure could talk stories!.

DM – “Was there a point to his stories?”, Dr. Miglin always had questions for me, I think he’s writing a book.
HJ – I think there was, but I was too busy, looking for something else, somethin’ that would bring me to another place.
That was my only solace, not only the ability to tune ole Gramps out, but that I could do it so easily..

After a pause, I continued, You know, I do remember this one story he told, and it wasn’t repeated as he often told his stories, and I’m kinda surpised he told it at all.

DM – “Go on”, quipped Miglin.
HJ – Apparently, Gramps was in a saloon, as he fondly called it… the bar across the tracks in Wheeler. One night he was sitting with One-Eyed Pete and they were betting on the card that the other was going to draw. They were cheap drunks, a pence a guess, but by the time they finished playing, neither one kept track of who owed who, what and the game seemed stupid!
DM – “Your grandfather and One-Eyed Pete sound like comedy team from the Depression.”,

HJ – we laughed and I continued,

Well, this one night, ole Petey was already angry when Gramps sat at his table. Grandpa had tried just about everything to kick that old geezer outta his mood, but before he knew it, Petey was trying to stand and Gramps went to offer help and One-Eyed Pete smacked Grandpa straight between his eyes. His nose was, as he put it, ‘moved five inches and sat on me face like a fully loaded diaper on a baby’.
DM – “What does this have to do with sliced bread?”

HJ – Doc Miglin and his questions… always trying to right me when I speak.
Oh, he thought that he could tend to his wounds, himself. So, he went home, opened the ice-box and saw that there was only a block of shad he used as bait down at the fishin’ hole. “Dagnabbit!”, he liked that word and then went on to say that he remembered going to the butcher that day, he thought he’d picked up “a three and one half pound of Texas beef”, then realized that it was a bakery he went to. His face just melted like an icicle put into a hundred fifty degree room! His anger droned like a momma whale who lost her baby! Grandpa was getting me worried, you know he’s old and has a bad ticker!
DM – “Did he look ill, as though he was going to keel over?” , asked the good doctor, with actual concern. Passion, even.
HJ – Well here’s the thing Doc, I thought he was foolin’ around and didn’t move to help him, before I knew it… he was on the floor. Good thing that loaf of bread was there to save him from hitting his brain on that poker-stick next to the fire!
DM – “Good thing, indeed, but was that the same loaf of sliced bread?”

HJ – Miglin was sharp. always tryin’ to trip me up… I’d forgotten that point.

When he came to, he was still a little out of it, all he said was, “Not sinced sliced bread, was there a better cure for a black eye and broke nose! .
When I asked him what that cure was, he said he must have fallen the same way as he just did in front of me, only that time, he didn’t get back up right away, in fact, he said it was about a week that had passed. His face leaned on that bread for a whole week, and that’s what cured him!
DM – “Imagine that!”, said Doc Miglin.

HJ – Yeah, it truly is a miracle!
DM – “Well don’t you think that all the yeast from the bread was absorbed in his skin?”

HJ – Yeah, I guess so. But I really do think that it’s the best invention and I knew that if I ever got punched in the face, I could cure myself too!
DM – “Yeah, it’s truly a miracle, who woulda’ thought, just from a loaf of sliced bread!?”.
-dld december 16th-

footnote: the notes of a Psychiatrist from a fews minutes of a day, which is not unlike the others. It is also NOT the stuff of hollywood, as he thought it would be. _____________________
T10 – Plot Thickens, Thursday: A loaf of bread
The only rule: somehow incorporate the above plot element into your story (write whatever comes to mind; improvise!).


3 responses to “Case Study #341, Stanford, Miglin, PhD. 1994

  1. Oh…I had to chuckle on how you addressed this prompt.

  2. Yeah, I sort of made that loaf into a ‘sliced’ bread loaf and whatelse could I think of, but a black eye!!! I chuckled too, after I realized what I wrote! and Miss Sandra, hon, you just keep posting things like that, and I’m sure they’ll put one in, just for you!!

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