Not Your Average Split-level

The house down the street
Is a perfect place to meet,
I hear the owner’s a real hoot!
I go there when I’m lonely
finding assorted characters, mostly phony,
so I tell them I’m a magician in a monkey suit!
One day I was sad and
in need of a commrade,
so I went there for comfort and sweet fruit!
Oh, I forgot to tell you
that house is an igloo,
growing food from deep inside a boot!
The house down the street
Isn’t really a house,
but a place where reality does not compute.
The house down the street was condemmed last week,
wrapped in police tape, because some little pipsqueak
squeeled about the goings on there – I guess pink pills are illegal… who knew?
dld december 13, 2010
for T10 On Location, Monday: The house down the street


6 responses to “Not Your Average Split-level

  1. I love the twists and the turns and the surprise!! Nice beat!!! You are awesome and I’m a die hard fan!!!!

  2. Had a little fun with this one! And yes, You’re my Live Fiercly, Die Hard Fan!!! Thanks, Sandra… I can slways count on you… see you later! ;-))

  3. Love the twist at the end…had to chuckle aloud. 😉

  4. hehehe – Good, you both laughed, can’t ask for more! After writing this, I noticed that my word choices fit the bill for something like a meth lab or in the least, a drug house! Thanks, Charles … if I don’t get the chance to tell you in a week or so…. Have A Wonderful, Magical Christmas! ;-)))

  5. “reality does not compute…”
    Sounds like the pink pills had something to do with this one… 🙂

  6. Brad, they did indeed… who knew they were being manufactured in that house down the block!!! >hehe<

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