Let’s Make A Deal






Wheeler is a dealer

He plays the numbers, the roulette wheel of life’s




He exchanges amusement for your soul


Wheeler gets pleasure from ticking loudly

like a clock ticks


to the final second, o.ooooooooo1

when BOOM/DOOM occurs


Wheeler, the dealer

allows you to believe in all things possible

he lets you save a dime

in the small pocket of your pocket

but we know

that it doesn’t buy your life,

let alone

a telephone call




-dld 12.10.10-




T10 – Member’s Pick, Friday

Three Rules Challenge:

#1: A number

#2: Something you can fit in your pocket

#3: A character with a name that starts with the letter ‘W’


The only rule: write whatever comes to mind; improvise!


2 responses to “Let’s Make A Deal

  1. I just love what you did with this prompt.

  2. Thanks… sometimes they come to you immediately and other times, they fester in your brain, not allowing them to make sense until AFTER you’ve written… and upon reading again, just now, I see this a little differently than as I was writing it. I’m not very optimistic, am I?

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