It Has Been Confirmed, So Lay Off!

This past weekend it was confirmed, the reason why I do not make any New Year’s Resolutions once the new year rings in, and it’s not that I am doomed to fail by January 2nd! I do not have to make such promises to myself ever again!


With that said, let me tell you what I will accomplish because I do not make such unrealistic wishes. “I will be the first, non-published winner of the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished and appropriately undocumented Poetry upon the history of the United States, and I will become runner-up for having the most number of toes on my feet by the Guinness folks.” This is how the fortune read on the box from the pack of cigarettes I bought from my winnings while taking my all-expense paid for trip to the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City a few days ago.


I am so glad that it’s straight now, so please stop expecting such inappropriate behavior from me!.


-dld 12.o8.1o


for: T-10 Words, Inc., Wednesday:
reason, ring


3 responses to “It Has Been Confirmed, So Lay Off!

  1. LOL!!! LOVE IT!!! U R AWESOME!!!!!

  2. when I stop laughing I will write a meaningful comment..but as they say..’don’t hold your breath.” 🙂

  3. >BIG, SMILEY GRIN!<@ Charles!!!

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