Bestest of Friends

I can still hear the screaming. The sight was so horrible to see the Howler monkeys attacking the Spider monkeys. During all of the commotion, the scuffle, I lost sight of Laura. I didn’t learn that she left the grounds, not right away. I was yelling her name with every step I took. When a kind zoo official approached me, he told me that their cameras caught a glimpse of them. “What do you mean ‘them’, was my daughter abducted?” The zoo official said that she simply grabbed one of the Spider’s by the hand and walked out the entrance. Nobody stopped her, despite the fact that she had one of the zoo’s primates with her. I didn’t know whether to be mad at the zoo employees or to be mad at Laura.


Laura is a special girl. She is sensitive to other’s plights. When she sees that someone is upset, no matter how minor an issue, Laura is right there to give comfort. Often, when she gets so involved, it takes weeks to snap her out of it, to become more normal, just like any other nine year old girl.


After three hours of citizens and police spreading out from the Lincoln Boulevard entrance of the zoo, a press conference was given by the Chief of Police. He calmly gave Laura’s height, weight, hair color, age, the scar she had gotten from falling off a backyard swing and mentioned that she is Autistic. He then went on to describe the monkey’s statistics and wouldn’t you know, this Spider was special too, he also had Autism. It’s becoming more common, since they tend to be vaccinated when in captivity. This eased my mind a little, but I was still so afraid for her. This monkey could turn on her and I hated thinking of what he could do to her.


But rather than dwell on this, I chose to try to think as she might. More simply, I chose to take the easy approach to finding her. I told the police that Laura had an affinity for picnics, that maybe she is at a park. With raised hands, people that wished to go to the surrounding parks, were chosen. I went with one of those group’s.


I walked over to every family, every couple that was having their own picnic. As luck be on my side, I found a couple who had just spread their blanket, when Laura was standing next to them, she pointed to the picnic basket and after a few minutes of playing charades, it was understood by thiese people that she wanted the basket, not the food. They granted her wish, but that was the last time they saw her. I asked if she was with a monkey, but they didn’t recall seeing one.


I started walkimg west, which is where they saw her headed. I thought I came to a dead end, when I was surrounded by heavy brush, but sitting there, in the middle of a clearing was my daughter, playing pretend and serving the monkey some tea. I stood there and just watched them. The poor monkey looked to be just holding on, I could tell that hee was cold, and I imagined he was hungry too, because he put his hand to his face and played pretend eating to go along with Laura. They seemed to have a bond. That little Soider monkey just sat there, listening to Laura, even though she hardly spoke.


I cautiously approached them, for I didn’t want to frighten either the monkey or Laura, but she saw me and smiled. She rushed over to me, saying, “Mama, I have friend!”, with such an expression of elation and joy, that I found myself smiling too. I introduced myself to Laura’s new friend, when Laura said, “This is Ch-coaly”. He was a cute little grwy thing and that, I took Laura’s hand, she took Coaly’s and I knew they would be alright. They were both found, unharmed.


This incident happened over five years ago and to this day, Laura asks to go to the zoo to see Coaly and I take her just because he makes her come alive and admittantly, he does too!



dld, December 3, 2010


T10 prompts➞ Barely holding on➞ I can still hear the screaming.➞ middle, easy, charcoal➞ A scar➞ A picnic basket


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  1. Thank you, I’,m pretty happy with it… it doesn’t need more (in my opinion).

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