Washington Crossing State Park

Washington Crossing State Park – Not a designated place where he slept, though he apparently slept in many states, on many beds and assumed floors, It does make you wonder, “Was he ever was awake?” But as our History books have told us, He Was Awake. He fought battles, led troops and crossed the Delaware in frigid conditions… oh, and we was America’s First President.

Washington Crossing State Park – Not a designated place where he slept, but I paid no mind to this fact, it was a nice, comfortable, quiet place to have an outing with a friend. In fact, it was a regular place to have lunch. It was my regular haunt, during the summer of ’84.

With picnic basket bulging from the contents of cheese, crackers, and a bottle of wine, I picked Michael up from his place and headed to that park along the Delaware. We didn’t bring a boom-box, the music played from our voices. We didn’t bring a red checkered tablecloth, we sat on the grass and took our chances that it would be dry. Nor did we even think to bring a more nutrious lunch, as the wine did our bodies good with good conversation, good cheese, and Clove cigarettes, which were lit to end our afternoon visits to Washington Crossing State Park.

-dld December 3rd, 2010
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A picnic basket


3 responses to “Washington Crossing State Park

  1. I like you have wondered how one person could have slept in so many places and still been president. 😀

  2. you are so clever and creative!

  3. Thanks you two! I think it’s pretty funny that so many people try to get more business by saying that Washington Slept Here… but as I say in my writing… it was a beautiful place to park myself to have a picnic lunch with a friend!

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