Exercising My New Flute

Just after the big bang,
the universe was made of
a quark-gluon plasma
that behaved like a dense,
superhot liquid*,

so you’re thinking you’re having a bad day
on the way to a quasi-stellar appearance
by a nova or interplasmatic anomoly

they all walked away with a scratch, not a bump
it didn’t say to go quietly into the night
or away from the light of sun from some galaxy far away,
so not to interrupt signal’s emmision, transition
from sending word that a new birth had borne
to take heed
of the need
to quiet other grumblings and tumblings
all the way down
until jill, jack or
madhatter don
sequels of sequins to shine all over the lands

i’m talking about the horns blowing
and genesis moves over for you to kiss it good-night or
bade a good-day
then you can mumble after,
but don’t speak ill of this event,
otherwise you will get sucked into a hole of infinite nothingness
where goblins reside with evil twins
and nothing good ever comes of that!

-dld dec. 3rd-
* from National Geographic, December 3, 2010



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