It’s All Hearsay


The warm coffee shoppe on the corner is a terrific place to meet people, strangers actually. Being so early in the morning, on the way to work, I rather like to watch the facial expressions change from a look of numb resistence to an easy-going-happy-to-be- alive look once they’ve placed their lips around the cup and take that first warning sip.


I find that I’m most amused by listening to the middle of conversations, but I veer and get distracted easily, so I never find out the true ending lines. Later in the day, I usually take pause and finish those conversations, laughing at the ridiculous assortment of happenings I pair with the actual talk. In general, I find amusement as I am waking, myself and I always submit to laughter when the day is charcoal grey, and I’ve nothing else to do in those hours waiting for the lunch rush at my Sabrett stand.*



-dld December 1st, 2010


*Sabrett stand – hot dog vendor

T10 Words, Inc., Wednesday: middle, easy, charcoal


6 responses to “It’s All Hearsay

  1. This was purely Top of the Head stuff… feeling the deadline of today closing in… You should see what I come up with when I’m sleep deprived!!! Thanks Sandra. 😉

  2. Oh…this so reminded me of what I do…I tend to finish stories or scenes with an array of endings each probably so far from the truth that it is laughable…love this!

  3. I finish ending of songs, if they’re cut off or spliced… and I do admit to making endings of those stories that just linger! Glad you liked this one… me too!

  4. People watchin n writing stories…Great write:)

  5. I believe that people watching is something many writers do… you’ve got to find out what makes the human condition tick… what better a subject to examine! 😉

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