I Thought I Was An Actress

    I Thought I Was An Actress

while at the office
in the sitting room
waiting for my name to be called to lay on the couch
leafing through magazines not at all interesting
I thought to disrobe
so when my name was called,
I’d be ready for the Director’s exam.
ready to show him the spasms of knocking naked knees
ready to be hit with the hammer
while saying, “it’s cold in here!”
but as the minutes went by on the wall’s clock,
more people came in to sit
two people, four… ten minutes… more
my patience was starting to teeter on the edge
all the while, i sat naked, barely holding on
to the papers the others filled-out
that said something about an exhibition to watch.

i thought they were the Director’s instructions.
i thought i was doing well and would get the role,
but they admitted me to the Psyche Ward instead.

-dld nov. 29th
T10 Monday = barely holding on


2 responses to “I Thought I Was An Actress

  1. A most interesting scene created….I wonder how many people float off into dreams and such as they sit waiting for one thing or another.

  2. I would think that it’s probably a large number, afterall, we’re only human and the human condition sets us apart from animals… now if you were to adk how many dogs or antelope ZONE OUT…
    thanks for reading this Charles!

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