The Stains of My Hard Work

Nothing satisfies me more than stains on my jeans.

When I’m doing pleasurable work out in the yard,

I pull weeds,

sow seeds,

prune trees and sculpt the earth –

You can see how hard I work by the grass stains on my knees.


When I’ve tired from so much sun,

my work; however, is not done.

There are still seeds to be sown in the words that I’ve grown.

pulling out, editing, what doen’t belong,

pruning them until I have sculpted

the perfect poem.

This you can see from the ink stains

where the page ends

and the poem is born.


-dldselfnarration nov. 24th, 2010


T10: Words, Inc., Wednesday: grass and ink


3 responses to “The Stains of My Hard Work

  1. This is great! I love those stains too. Sometimes the way a book (or poem, or song, or some such creation) weathers is just as telling as the images and emotions it evokes. (I just finished reading Geralidine Brook’s “People of the Book” which delves into this theme at great length….please excuse me). Thanks for this one.

  2. hello I was luck to find your website in wordpress
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    I get much in your blog really thank your very much
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    • Thank you for enjoying my Writing Journal! The theme is through WordPress (the name is on my page at the bottom), but the photograph is one that I found on the internet. Hope you stop by soon, or subscribe to get up-to-date posts, as I’m writing everyday and you never know what will be in here! Enjoy your week, Denise

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