All the Tomorrow’s

At the end of the day,
i found an envelope
addressed to me
i grabbed it, sat down
with a hot cup of cider
to read what it said,
then my eyes opened wider.
it said thank you for being here,
i feel love, i feel care.
i was empty and lost,
in mangled self-dispair.
But now I feel whole again
thanks to your touch
your whispers
your smile
– they mean so much.
As i think of the time spent with family today,
I am thankful you’re here.
What more can I say
to the woman I love so
who has entered my life
giving of honesty, trust and pleasure –
now I don’t strife
about all the tomorrow’s,
for they’ll be spent with you by my side
Together in happiness,
as husband and wife.
-dld November24th
Writing Challenge for the KMWriting Club


2 responses to “All the Tomorrow’s

  1. that made me cry- beautiful Denise!

  2. Sappy, sin’t I? Wrote this for a challenge using a different point of view… but I think it’s me dreams that come out in this most! Thanks for the cry, Sandra! ;-))

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