Look Ma! No Thumbs!

my dog, Chance

he’s a year old, but the puppy’s still in him

he still marvels at what we take for granted,

what we see everyday

but we know how to think more abstractly – not everything

is in the here

and now


whenever he finds interest,

whether it’s watching you make dinner,

he’s always there

in the front row seat

taking mental notes with his nose


or whether he reaizes it for the first time

though he’s heard it before

an airplane passes overhead

from his front row seat, he looks up,

not to see that plane, to hear it

but we know what it is,

it’s not always just a sound

’cause we think more abstractly

and know that sound equates to the flight of a passenger plane

ready to land at newark.


-dld november 22nd


ThiningTen prompt = On Location, MondayA front-row seat.


One response to “Look Ma! No Thumbs!

  1. I think I’m a pup named Chance!

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