poeARt handouts & flyers, coming to a town near you!

have an idea
to post or hand out my poetry/Art
in small towns, or medium, just not
LARGE CITIES, too many people
too easy to say
if you get them to speak at all
i could print a poem a day, nothing too fancy,
just something EYE catching, so at least they will put it in their pocket to read when they have solitude – that’s what i’m hoping for, quiet time to reflect upon what i am saying
and if they would like to read more, they can either meet me on the streets
but if i don’t go to that same town, they’d be out of luck to find me, so maybe, a better idea
would be to give my web address for my poetry,
but they still may not talk or leave word that they stopped by, so maybe, i’ll write something that would bring the reader to their feet, so they will stand and voice their opinions, concern,
but i don’t wish to make enemies, i only want people to read what i am saying… you never know when wy thoughts may make someone pause to gain their own strength to do something they’ve been dreading, or maybe they’ll ally on my side – hooray – and we’ll picket in the streets on a holiday when children expect to see Snoopy and we will rejoice in our voices so we are heard above the high school band marching to their own beat, their own drummers
this sounds good, but will i take this step
to make my point
to show my poems
without impeding or causing paper-cuts?



4 responses to “poeARt handouts & flyers, coming to a town near you!

  1. WOMAN I love your idea!! You can also post a poem a week on my blog and on my FB page also!!!! I know for a fact people read my page like they read a newspaper. They also quote and copy the dialogues so please feel free to expose your soul there because my wall of mystery was made for truth and visitors. Don’t hold back Denise!!! Your voice was meant to be heard and sometimes it takes a straight edge to cut and free the mind. I don’t know about you but I like razor burn poetry so trust your audience can handle paper cutz and more!!!! Put yourself out there and your audience will find you. Poets, prophets and preachers have always taken their beat to the street…XOXOXO LOVE U ANGEL

  2. hehehe… just had to put my thinking cap on and come up with this… and you know, Sandra, it’s not a half bad idea. If you want, you can pick from the assortment in here and I’ll gladly post it on your wall… we’ll talk, sista! ;-))

  3. I’m afraid poetry delivered that way would end up like other message delivered that way.

  4. life doles out these challenges, if we don’t attempt
    to tempt the people/the reader, we will know less
    about ourselves, and in time… we’ll still be talking,
    but the door will be closed from others entering in.

    I will attempt this soon, that I promise. I’ll take pictures
    and will feverishly write down the responses I get/or don’t.
    I’ve a feeling that this may make me more cognizant of the
    life around me, which may show in my writing (This is my Wish… just trying to better my self-discipline with this gift for playing with words and talking story!)

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