– Another Jumper, That Makes Three –

I was too late,
Horatio took to playing
the Castillian Mandocello,
but found it hard to tune with his sorrowful voice,
so he jumped off the bridge of Versailles
to take his own life
when he uncovered
bubbled acoustics was his forte and prayed
for salvation to live life undersea
to coax fishies to dance with the mermaids
and the mermaids to dance with he

It was his first day, but doubts plagued Horatio
to the point where the rust was surely beginning to show
on the strings, he worried
that the veins of his hopes
would show like scars when he strummed
to the beat of the tide
while underside
the translucent flow, his heart ached and cried

like an elevator taken down to the dungeon, his pleas
went unheard in his darkness, but to the fishies
who rejoiced with the birds
whistling chants from above
summoning Horatio’s words

when gumption made way
he sang so devine
of the love lost two months ago
he wailed when he near died

cynical of everything he had ever known
Horatio learned
her red backpack meant that she’s leaving for good
how could he go on
feeding lies to himself,
under the sea he will be
recounting her words
while singing off key, thinking god
is gone too,
for this is not right
now he resides like a fossil
without meaning to someone
just his memories
of that september night


-dld nov.20, 2010

ThinkingTen prompts:
an elevator, I was too late, rust, vein,
a red backpack, a first day


2 responses to “– Another Jumper, That Makes Three –

  1. End of poem was surprise…liked it.

  2. Charles, I’ve been finding the stream-of-consciousness writing serves me well!
    Silly picute and an odd assortment of prompts for the week, but I think it came out okay! ;-))

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