Cult of The Enlightened

They trusted that they’d “Become Enlightened”

because the man on the poster looked believable in his toga.


They so willingly turned their pockets inside out

because the man in the toga told them to release all possessions.


They shed their anger

because he enraged their beliefs.


They gave him old ideals

because rust always grows when lessons fail to stimulate,

and the last vein of knowledge shrinks inside

leaving selves naked and

exhibiting truths,

truths that lie within.


To accept ‘self’ as omniscient,

in the very core of one’s self,

gives courage to go where there is no path,

and to have faith in one’s own guidance

to reach the destiny of one’s dreams.



-dld nov.17th, 2010


Words, Inc., Wednesday:
(1) rust, and (2) vein


4 responses to “Cult of The Enlightened

  1. WOW!!!!!!!! profound and powerful!!!

  2. thanks sweetie… don’t know how it will get received in the writing group, but i really don’t care, as i get what i’m saying, and obviously… so do you! ;-))

  3. I love it.
    Lovely finale!

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