The Last Hooka Dive

it’s hard to hear when the babies cry
and more difficult to make out what the announcer says at the Kentucy Derby

it’s unrealistic to know how many syllables are uttered from the linguistics professor
and mighty hard to decipher mime

i’m not sure when the sun is at high noon
and please, don’t rely on me to tell you when the moon is full,
not unless you’d like me to count the box jellyfish?

there may be fires burning out of control,
but if i don’t see the choppers’ buckets dipping, i couldn’t tell you that san diego’s ablaze

i do know when there’s a shark approaching,
the schoals of fish scurry so when they’re near
though i can’t tell you if they are white or grey or blue whales, for that matter

if i touch you, would you feel slimy?
… would your skin slough when i pat your back?

i cannot remember what liquorice tastes like for it’s scent is not so aromatic, i’m without the aro

the best i can tell, it’s awfully hard to do much
when underwater and you die within minutes
without air… all the rest are just memories that i keep,
but don’t remember why.

~dld November 8th, 2010


prompt – underwater


4 responses to “The Last Hooka Dive

  1. Sandra Grifo Montimurro

    “all the rest are just memories that I keep, but I don’t remember why”
    Love it Denise!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks! This is actually a sad thing… a hooka dive is what some fisherman do… WithOut Scuba equipment! It’s nuts and very dangerous. I was imagining what would go thru one’s head as they were holding their breath for so long.

  3. Never heard of hooka diving…sound dangerous.

  4. it’s when you’re fishing
    without scuba gear
    holding your breath, you Must Be Fit to go this…
    ’cause Distractions come too easy and the Sea Always Wins.

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