Come Next May

” and the wheels, they go round and round
and the painted ponies go up and down
we’re captive on a carousel of time
we can’t return
we can only go behind from where we came
and go round and round and round
in this circle game “

These lyrics,
This song,
Joni Mitchell’s Circle Game came into my mind,
when I remembered that wheelchair from sixteen season’s passed.
I feel so far removed from it now,
though it’s story is still so very cold and I’ve untold it,
until now.

I knew someone
whose legs had failed
to lead her journey onward.
Cane was there
to support her,
but only when the distance was like a breath away.

‘Proud’, she thought, ‘I can stand up to this
by showing it
that I can still
get to where I want to go!’
but things were rough
and tough to find
a wheelchair that was free.

Instead of looking at from what she came,
before that diagnosis,
she decided to go round and round on the chair
lent from kindness and trust – so she could go
round in this circle game
on her own.

Sometimes we must look behind,
from where we came
to see that first time
we learned strength.

Now, that song is sung with happy memories,
but there’s a sorrow left in it’s wake.
That wheelchair hasn’t been thought of
or used by me
in nearly two years, come next May.

-dld november 4th, ‘1o


T10 – prompt: a wheelchair


2 responses to “Come Next May

  1. Such reflection…helps to gain perspective of where your are now and what you wish to do next…thanks for sharing your story in verse.

  2. You’re welcome Charles! As soon as I read today’s promt in Thinking Ten, that Joni Mitchell song pelted my head… and of course, I have somewhat a story regarding those chairs… it’s easier to write from experience and I do admit that I made it seem less a negative thing, by setting it as I did. Thanks again!

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