Ephesus, Unfinished

Musée’s job was difficult,
dangerous in the least.
The Friar asked for a statue
to be placed over eaves on the east.

Teetering was of concern, for
there was no favourable position
to hold weight of marble –
would be of great suspicion!

Days past into weeks passing,
his ideas couldn’t hold sand.
Musée had his problems, dilemmas –
the order was too Grand!

Furiously working through
the light of the day,
he was formulating desires
out of granite and clay.

“Woman Escaping from Marble”
left stranded in the end.
”Tis better left, unfinished’,
he had finally did contend.

-dld November 1st, 2010

Musee Rodin, “Woman Escaping from Marble”, date unknown



2 responses to “Ephesus, Unfinished

  1. I like your use of art and poetry than the one I’m working on for tonight…of course I have no idea what I can write for it…but love what you’ve done.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed working with art or any other image, either to prompt me to write or let what I’m feeling just pour out. You have been doing some nice work, yourself, Charles… like you, I have no idea what will transpire!
    In this case, I found the photo After writing the piece!

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