A Mere Passenger


We drove in silence.
It was deafening.
I, a mere passenger.
He, the hand sent
leant to teach me.

It appeared that it was time,
and I suppose it was,
because my footprints vanished in the wake.

The salty residue reminded Him that I was cured.

Now ready for fulfillment,
my will gave way to submission
which told me that I was no longer in control.

Frames of time,
became fleeting memories,
as I found that I was no longer waiting
in that hospital room.

The salty residue reminded Him that I was cured.

As we drove,
the frames of my youth became frames of age and suffering.
As we drove,
the silence turned into a glorious symphony, expanding
all sounds into the light
and I began to fill.

My salty residue crystalized
and colours shown more brilliant.
As we passed over, the symphony
capitulated to the sounds of silence…
this is where I will end, so you can
put my clothing in a brown paper bag,
to go home to arrange my funeral.
All that I ask of you, is to speak well
of me, for
I am only a mere passenger.

-dld Oct. 30, 2010

—— —— ——

for T10 ➞ On Location, Mondays: A hospital waiting room➞ Take it Away, Tuesdays: We drove in silence.➞ Words, Inc., Wednesdays: (1) appear, (2) salt, and (3) frame➞ Plot Thickens, Thursdays: A brown paper bag➞ Member’s Pick, Fridays: Footprints


2 responses to “A Mere Passenger

  1. This one still has me thinking…I love when that happens. 🙂

  2. Again… you bring smile to my face >and i blush!<

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