The Free

Plane Over Midtown Manhattan. Margaret Bourke-White, 1939

It could have been an enemy plane, cruising the low altitude to censor the landscape and bustle of the city, except for the fact that that war ended and nothing’s begun since. We are a freer people, moreso than before and because of lessons learned, we have learned to speak up, demanding those luxuries that our grandparents scoffed at.

But like I said, that was in the past and now we boast and animate ourselves, showing and telling far more than even the Victorians who wished to see and be seen, and so much more than our parents who thought it impolite to do so.

This twenty-first century began with threats, whether homegrown or not, we collectively decided to stand our ground, while proceeding to live the life that time and our hard work has afforded us. Being able, for the most part, to travel to far-away places to see what we do not have.

Then travel back to our comfortable home-zones, glad that we aren’t missing anything, for we are a part of The Free.

~dld Oct. 26, 2010 for Six Sentences


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