Waiting Room

The Waiting Room, Rome, by Jeffrey Inaba/Inaba Projects

The entire time,
from my first thought about it
and actually driving to arrive there, I was shaking my head.
Then when I came to a dead end on the sidewalk,
I looked beyond the rail and wondered what the heck I was doing at a
“Hospital” in the first place,
‘Cause this is just too bizzare for even my Bohemian ways to fathom.

It’s funny when you wake up half baked from last night’s drinking escapade,
that you either find God,
or you answer an ad in the paper.

-dld 1o.25.10
T10 Prompt = A hospital waiting room


2 responses to “Waiting Room

  1. Such a fascinating end to the poem.

  2. Thanks… sometimes it’s best to let the reader think what they’d like!

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