A Magic Act Like You’ve Never Seen!

Today begins in an old building once used to store stage props. There were three floors and an attic, atop a cellar. The building was narrow, the rooms small, but plentiful. It was the perfect place for Theo to live and rehearse his magic act. Most mornings he awoke feeling as though his throat were stuffed with an old flannel shirt, but Today was different. Today, Theo is allowed by law, to perform the Directive, as outlined in the letter left unsealed when he moved in. As Today is also the day that Theo’s spirit will come alive, although he doesn’t know it upon awakening.


Theo’s life until Today, had been spent in squalor, living down in a hole, beneath the subway system’s electrical workings. His eyes grew blinder, his skin more sallow, and his ticker grew weaker from the stresses he found himself in. He was like a smelly teenager who just ran away from home, but Theo was 62 and he knew his health was failing him. He knew something had to change, so he contemplated grandiose imaginings, only to come to realize that he couldn’t think of anything to answer his question of what else he should be.


The one thing Theo knew for certain, was that something had to change. No sooner did he think this to himself, did a piece of a piece of paper fly past him when the generators started up. He grabbed it, like kids grab the brass ring on a carousel, and read what he could make of the letters. Most of the print was worn away, but Theo clearly read the word, MAGIC. This blew his mind, for being a True Magician took practice and that is something he never had time for when he was younger, but as circumstances happen without prompting, Time Now. was all he had.


That’s all it took for Theo to march up the steps into the light of day to find where his magic lay. It was purely by chance that he stumbled upon this building. Now Theo had magic handcuffs and bunnies in hats… all the accoutrements to fulfill his desires. After a solid sleep with no noises of screaming and piercing sounds knocking his head, Theo awakened to find an envelope, unsealed and containing Instructions. Today, Theo would enter the realms of his fantasies since the 1950’s.


With a grease paint smile on his faace, this is how the police found him. After a few hours of investigative investigation, the police, coroner and Theo’s body left. Leaving the remains of the house’s contents intact, except for the coroner’s note which had been placed in a manilla envelope stating the date of Theo’s death… it must have blown off the gurney.

~dld October 23, 2010


Canvas/Capstone Challenge for T10: ➞ On Location, Mondays: Down in a hole➞ Take it Away, Tuesdays: What else should I be?➞ Words, Inc., Wednesdays: (1) smells, (2) like, (3) teen, (4) spirit➞ Plot Thickens, Thursdays: A letter sits unsealed➞ Member’s Pick, Fridays: An old flannel shirt


7 responses to “A Magic Act Like You’ve Never Seen!

  1. I’ve read this numerous times since penning it and I really do believe that I’ve written something here… I’m proud to say that my prose writing has much improved since I’ve been taking some writing challenges more seriously. I hope you get as much out of this as I have. ~Denise

  2. I don’t know about anyone else but I did find this quite intriquing and liked the way it read.

  3. my goodness, this is incredible…

    creepy and witty.
    well done.

  4. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/10/23/6244/

    two awards for you,
    invite you to join us at jingle poetry….

  5. Good Charles… that’s all I ask for!
    And Dear Jingle… glad you found it, in the least… worth the read!
    I’m tickled-pink to receieve your delightful awards and will gladly accept you invitation to join in your writing challenge!
    Wow, this was nice to come into this morning!!! >blush blush< Denise

  6. Will this continue? What happens/happened next?

  7. Bradley, this was a one shot deal… I belong to a writing group and they give us prompts six days a week… this story is based on all of last weeks prompts! If you need to ‘end’ this in your head… well, sad to say, but Theo has passed away… read it again & you’ll see the answers to the questions you have! Thanks for the read! Denise

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