UnDelivered, UnKnowing and UnAnswered

UnDelivered, UnKnowing and UnAnswered

it lay still on the sidewalk with no one nearby
so i lifted it up,
noticing an address on the front
it was an envelope, it came all the way from Monaco
it was still sealed and unopen

having nothing but time
i took a walk, the address wasn’t far
as i drew closer, i could see the facade of
this beautiful building in the near
but once i was close enough to read the numbers,
i could see this was the place – a bookstore

i became discouraged
for the building was empty,
roped-off, in fact
with yellow police tape
“as though a crime happened here?”, i wondered

or maybe it was a street artist
making a statement

but it didn’t matter much,
the vacancy meant that to whom
this envelope was addressed
wasn’t there

out of curiousity, i opened it and
in reading, i came to find that Constance
was far away and was kind enough to drop a line or two
about how fabulous the weather is
and how she wished he were there
to dance with under the moonlight

~dld October 22, 2010

This story derived from a writing challenge between
SenderUpWords from “Can You Spare a Word or 5?” at
http://senderupwords.wordpress.com/ and me.
These are the words I gave to him and used for my poem:
bookstore, wonder, facade, envelope, or


3 responses to “UnDelivered, UnKnowing and UnAnswered

  1. Great use of the words Denise. A very interesting take to be sure. Love and Light, Sender

  2. If I were really true to my writing,
    I’d re-work this… the key word being, IF!
    Thanks, this was fun!

  3. Excellent story woven with the words.

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