Seeking Zen

Seeking Zen
We had a rare fieldtrip last Friday night. Yes, I said, ‘night’ !
Mr. Bowdare wanted all his General Science students to study the night sky. He gave each of us a piece of paper with a task to accomplish, mine was to “Map-out A New Constellation , illustrated”. I thought this was a hefty task to ask an eleventh-grader, now that I look back on it, but I also thought it would be cool to do.

Once we arrived at the loneliest place within our little town, each of us scattered to get into position so that we may aquire Zen. Yes, I said, “Zen” ! I figured ‘why not?’, so I found the highest point, obviously, I chose the Granite Rock, which put this town on the map in 1808, when it began to drizzle!

I thought my plans went sour, but no sooner had it started, it stopped. I’m actually glad it did rain, it made for clearer air, where I could see sooo many stars.

I had a plan to seek the furthest source of light in the sky, first. From there, I would find the first star that had colour, other than white. I made a mental image and before I knew it, I was drawing on my paper for every second, of every hour! Like a troubadour marching into battle, I drew and drew more.

The drawing of stars and noting of what their names are seemed to overcome me. I was grasping for more. It wasn’t enough, I was incessant for my quest to be perfect, both with my picture and my description… and let’s not forget about finding Zen!

We didn’t leave that lonely place until four in the morning and I was exhausted from thinking so much, that when I went to bed, I threw myself on the bed, as I ususally do, but in this instance, I drew a crushing blow to My Map of Bowdare’s Arrow. The paper, all crinkled and with a hole, smack-dab in the middle of it’s tip, became worthless.

In a stunned gaze, I went to the laundry room downstairs, fired up the steam iron and, like that Troubadour, I saved the day!

You’re probably wondering why Iam reading this diary entry… well, I just bought that property and plan to build my home with the Granite Rock right beneath the northwestern sky where you can find Bowdare’s Arrow on an October night.

I’d say that I found Zen that night!

~dld October 22, 2010
This story derived from a writing challenge between
SenderUpWords from “Can You Spare a Word or 5?” at
Sender’s Five Words to me:
troubadour, sour, incessant, crushing, constellation


2 responses to “Seeking Zen

  1. Denise, this is wonderful. I love the idea that you found Zen. I take it in the same way that someone says they found Jesus or God not that I believe in Jesus as the son of ‘God’ anymore than I am and that the ‘God’ I’ve been brainwashed to obey is not a God I would want to have faith in.

    Perfect use of the prompt in my opinion.

    A really bang up write my dear. Bisous, Love and Light, Sender

  2. I had put much more into doing the words you chose, my man!
    Glad you got as much a kick out of this, as I did!
    Peace, Denise ;-))

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