A weekend upstate
Commiserating in the woods with kin
While cauldrons were stirred every fifteen minutes
the odor of incensed reality was finally dissipating

A weekend upstate
Conjuring new ideals and fantasies
While the elders smoked their pot and talked stories
the enlightenment banked off one
the other was beginning to make sense

A weekend upstate
The best remedy for sloughing off the grime, disgusting abuses
the filth of Filthy Entrepeneurs of Govern
mental Sanities and lotteries for the masses

The weekend upstste
The final appeal to sense
abilities of reason and self
of co-existence with nature and all her bounties
Wasn’t enough to stop the postman
As that letter lay on the floor unsealed
David Crosby was asking us what we are fighting for
and The Band played on

-dld 10.21.10
– – – – – – – –
for T10
The only rule: somehow include ‘A letter sits unsealed’


2 responses to “Takestock

  1. Your brought back memories for me of upstate NY for some reason…hanging out at one of the lakes with friends at night…reflecting on why I worked in the city.

  2. Glad to have made you think of nicer times!
    There is something about upstate NY, which is very Different than the city, for sure!

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