six words 4.

Overwhelming synapses shall find peace soon.
-dld 10.18.1o


4 responses to “six words 4.

  1. Ah…synapses signal need for rest?

  2. One would think that, but in my case it’s more like my brain having been in over-load, but now finding direction! The overwhelming part is that I am excited about embarking on somthing that could be truly Grand (to me), and I believe it will serve me well. I will explain more through my words, or maybe I’ll just send you a note to explain what this ‘thing’ ia all about… regardless, this is a very good thing for me right now and expressing what I just have with six words was tough (I tend to blah blah blah until I forget what I was thinking!!! Sleep, is what I have been getting lately, and that may be why I’m so focused on doing this! Thanks Charles!

  3. nice concept, that’s the best way to get to the essence of things….

    there is something very peaceful about the piece… the juxtaposition of contrary emotions and a sense of foreboding that every overwhelming emotion, no matter how trivial, will find a meaningful expression.

    Thanks for sharing, I truly enjoy reading you.

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