Implied Coffee with Sounds of Percolation, Details To Follow

Leafing through the diary,
I found one date that stood out
It was a long entry, so I grabbed a cuppa and proped the pillows

As I read of the tortured soul of a woman in love,
I noticed a smear
The drop of a tear
Evaportaed, yet distinct in it’s outline
It spoke to me with such clarity,

and of defeat

By page six, I became so embroiled in her affair
Her handwriting was beginning to look like mine
and her words,
I could have spoken
If not for the fact that she was of Mandarin origin
and I, a mere Bhutan refugee’s daughter
Meant not to touch the spirit of such deities,

but, I have

This is when it occured to me
That emotions know no language, and
Certainly do not mark separation of one’s wealth.

~dld October 14, 2010
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
T10 Words, Inc., Wednesday:
(1) detail, (2) coffee, and (3) sound


4 responses to “Implied Coffee with Sounds of Percolation, Details To Follow

  1. Denise you are becoming my favorite poet!!! I also think you have a novel in your heart!!! Your style is my cup of coffee!!!

  2. Aw >blush blush<
    You're becoming my favorite reader!
    Thanks for the read & the kind words, Denise

  3. This is just a brilliant poem…the flow of the words and the poem’s message is so distinct…bravo!

  4. Sir Charles… thank you for your comment… I wouldn’t have placed coffee in any other situation!!! (it WAKES the MIND)!!!

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