His Calling Card

A man
who lives apart from utility poles
power plants and anything viral
was asked how he managed to survive

After looking up at the clouds
and staring at the dirt trapped between his toe nail and toe flesh,
he simply uttered
“Finding food is easy, cooking it – not so bad,
and as far as communication with others,
it was like watching an old Emerson…
basically two choices
and I chose the one which held more opportunity for me –
to hide, not casting a shadow or making white noise.

That is the one the birds sang to.”

He then added, “That is why I placed a black handkerchief
in the their nest.”

After another moment of cloud gazing, he quipped,
“I want their children to sing to me also,
for I will live longer than they.”

~dld oct. 14th, 2010
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Plot Thickens, Thursday:
A black handkerchief


2 responses to “His Calling Card

  1. Images of Walden Pond with this poem…another good one.

  2. Thanks Charles, but ‘Walden Pond’? Okay, I’ll go with the simple life feeling of this, not to mention the fact that some people are just able to honestly live this way! Danka!!

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